Being a Volunteer Leader at Camp

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High school kids are at a crucial juncture in their lives, and as such they have a lot of questions. At a Young Life camp, many of these questions will be raised, and kids are encouraged to think them out.

Although the camp speaker will do an outstanding job of presenting the Gospel clearly and effectively, it is up to the leader to help each kid process what they are thinking and feeling.
There is no greater privilege than to somehow be involved with the intimate parts of the redemptive process. Not only will camp be the best week of the camper's lives, it will likely be the best week of your life as well.
Before coming to camp, contact your trip leader and ask them for the link to the leader resume. This has to be completed by you and submitted online before getting on the bus. Also, remind your trip leader that he or she must complete a leader recommendation for you, as well.
Also, make sure you complete a health form, and give it to your trip leader prior to departing for camp.


Picture taken by Emily Huynh

Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. They're moms and dads, college students and working professionals, retirees, and other compassionate adults who want God's best for kids. The diversity of our volunteers helps us make an eternal difference with all kinds of kids in all kinds of places. 
When you're a leader, you're also joining a community of dynamic staff, leaders, and committee. It's not uncommon for leaders to say that they get more out of being a leader than what they give.
Are you interested? Think that maybe YOU were made for this? Then get started by contacting the nearest Young Life office or by e-mailing our Service Center​.​ Or maybe you know someone who would make a great Young Life leader. Bring them here! 


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