Intern Program


  • Administration
  • Bikes
  • Food Service
  • Guest Services
  • Horse Wrangler
  • Housekeeping
  • Landscape
  • Maintenance
  • Nurse and EMT
  • Ropes
  • Snack Bar/Coffee Shop 
  • Sound Tech
  • Store
  • Video


Interns usually arrive in mid-May and depart in early/mid-August. Specific dates are to be determined, but will be discussed in the interview process. ​

Summer interns at Frontier Ranch play a vital role in our summer camping ministry. Our interns are committed to Christ first and foremost. They also have the ability to lead others, serve with excellence, and desire to be challenged and grow in their relationship with Christ.
Summer intern​s will have the opportunity to grow as leaders in ministry, develop Christ-like relationships, and enjoy the fun and beauty of Frontier Ranch.

Summer interns live on property and receive a set monthly salary.

We will begin reviewing applications on November 1st.​

Summer Internship​ Requirements
  • Currently active as a ministry leader in Young Life or another Christian ministry
  • Past experience on Summer Staff or Work Crew at a Young Life property, or some other camping ministry​
  • Completed at least 2 years of college or at least 20 years old ​

How to Apply for a Summer Internship
Complete an online summer intern application. To complete the application, you will need the email address of a Young Life staff member who is willing to write a recommendation on your behalf.  
We will begin reviewing applications on November 1st and most hiring will be completed by the Christmas holidays.​

Sending Mail to Camp

A special thing about camp is the opportunity to send and receive snail mail! We love when friends or family send our interns goodies in the mail but please keep in mind that it can take 2-3 days longer than estimated to arrive at campIf items are being shipped to the post office, please add 2-3 days for your item to actually arrive at camp. Also, because there is so much mail coming into town and up to camp, please ensure that ALL mail is addressed as follows:

Name - Intern

PO Box 2025

22150 CR 322

Buena Vista, CO 81211 

Some important tips: if the company says they don't deliver to a PO Box, please add #2025 to the top line (some mail still gets routed through the local Post Office). Also, UPS/FedEx may say that the above address cannot be found - ask them to override the system and leave it as listed (our local drivers know how to find us!). 

​If mail arrives after the recipient has left camp, it will be returned to sender. 

 Quotes from Past Interns ...
"From the second we got here we've been included in whatever is go​​ing on around camp. The full-time staff has been great at making us feel at home. The experience has given me a great look at how a property is run. Each department has its own job and for the camp to work right, everyone has to do his or her part. There is no room for selfishness. If I'm thinking only about myself, then I can't get my job done because it involves so many other people. I have spent a good amount of time with full-time staff just enjoying their wisdom in different areas. Each person brings something different to the table, and I'm hoping to dig into those things throughout the year. Overall, my internship has been so much more than I expected. I'm learning a ton about God's will in my life and how He calls us to abide in Him. My role is not to 'do' things for God, but to present to Him the things that are already in my life. I think I've spent most of my years as a believer trying to figure out what God's will for my life is, and the whole time it has been the same ... abide.​"

"Looking back at my time at Frontier as an intern, all I can truly say is that I was blessed beyond all possible belief! My internship was full of momentous experiences, hard struggles, glorious memories, and the fact that the Lord met me where I was in life! I definitely gained perspective on what it means to trust wholly in the Lord, and to deny myself and serve out of that!​"

"Looking back on my internship experience I realize that it has molded me into who I am now because I allowed the Lord to break me."

"I learned to choose joy daily, this being one of the biggest things that I learned. You are in a place where some of the jobs you will be doing are not always glamorous and it is easy to let Satan get his foothold in that. But being able to wake up and choose Christ and joy daily is a blessing beyond belief." 

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