Frequently Asked Questions

How many total guests can Frontier Ranch accommodate?
We can seat 512 guests in the dining hall at a time. We can house up to 530 in dorm-style lodging, and 37 in additional adult housing.

Is there a minimum reservation number required?
For EXCLUSIVE use of the property, Frontier Ranch requires a minimum of 300 paying guests. We are glad to accommodate smaller groups; however, there is a possibility of sharing the facilities with other groups. We will assist you in coordinating meal times and use of main meeting rooms.

Will each guest need to bring a "bed roll"?
No. Frontier Ranch provides sheets, blankets, pillows and towels for every guest, including work crew.

Are you able to host small groups?
Yes. We have two first-rate lodges available for small retreats for staff teams, committees, etc. Check out the Aspen Lodge and the Bristlecone Lodge.

I am ready to reserve a date ... what is my next step?
Contact our office via the information listed on the Booking Page. Once an available date has been agreed upon and a contract has been signed, you will receive a Guest Group Planning Packet which will assist you in planning the remainder of the details.

What staffing is the group responsible for providing?
Work Crew: To provide support services for the camp in food service and other areas. Please bring a ratio of one work crew person for every 10 paying guests up to a maximum of 45, including at least one work crew supervisor. Two of the work crew members will also be needed for the Snack Bar, if open.
Medical Personnel: A doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse or EMT will be provided by the group.
Lifeguard: If the pool is to be used, bring one certified lifeguard.
Program Tech: If the A/V equipment is to be used, bring a program tech.
Camp Director: Someone in charge of your group.

How do I check my email when I'm at camp?
Frontier Ranch has free wireless access for guests. But, not in all our buildings. Remember, you're on a retreat!

Does the group have to clean up?
Your help in cleaning up allows us to keep our rates lower. We ask the group to take all dirty linens to the Duffel Bag (Laundry Room) in exchange for a clean bed pack, fold all blankets appropriately, take out the trash, and return any furniture that has been moved. Check out the Frontier Ranch Cabin Clean-Up Sheet for specific instructions.

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